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Top 10 Hotels Near Kedarnath Temple List

Hotels Near Kedarnath Temple

Even though Kedarnath is a difficult location to reach, the spiritual vibes and atmosphere there make it impossible for believers to resist travelling there to seek Lord Shiva's heavenly favour. It is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage site and one of the Chota Char Dhams. The captivating holy river of Mandakini adorns the gorgeous area, which is located at an elevation of 3583 metres. In the months of May to June and September to October, most devotees take on the difficult Kedarnath Mandir pilgrimage tour. People arrange the Kedarnath Dham Yatra before winter since the snowy winter season makes the entire terrain inaccessible to pilgrims.

But whether or not you are organising the Kedarnath Yatra, when we think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is the lodging choice. You can't ignore the fact that it is crucial to reserve suitable lodging in such a difficult location with such terrible weather. In addition, it is the furthest away from the other 3 Char Dham shrines.

You can't avoid the rush and organise the entire voyage alone because it is a well-known location for pilgrimages. As a result, it is crucial to prepare your lodging options early because there is a potential that everything will be reserved.

To avoid the stress of a last-minute situation,the top 10Hotels Near Kedarnath Temple to stay in Kedarnath for 2022 are listed below. The peak tourism season is in the summer, and the Kedarnath Dham gateway will open on May 6, 2022. We want your trip to Kedarnath to be flawlessly planned and completely stress-free for you. It would save a lot of time and effort to arrange the lodging in advance for the Kedarnath Tour.

Top 10 Hotels Near Kedarnath Temple List:

· Krishna Resort

· Behl Ashram

· Jaipur House

· Hotel Vivek

· Agrabhawan

· Shivpuri House

· New Agrabhawan

· Punjab Sindh Awas

· Gayatri Bhawan

· Bikaner House

Krishna Resort

Krishna resort is one of the most amazing lodgings arranged in the Rudraprayag district. which goes under the rundown of the top 10 hotels in Kedarnath valley. Three different room types are accessible at the Krishna Resort. Enormous windows in our lodgings close to the Kedarnath sanctuary and rooms give stunning perspectives on the valleys and snow-covered mountains for our visitors. There is a 10-seat lounge area at the Krishna Resort where visitors can enjoy delightful feasts. On the other hand, you can carry your food to the patio and eat there while taking in the staggering perspectives.
Luxury Resort in Guptkashi

Behl Ashram

Another fantastic hotel, Behl Ashram, might be your finest option if you're looking for the top 10 hotels near Kedarnath temple. Your soul will be delighted by the best facilities and its relaxing warmth. This is the ideal location to be in if you're seeking lodging that fits inside a reasonable price range. It can accommodate any kind of passenger, whether they are a family or a lone person. Large double bedrooms and family-friendly rooms with seven beds are available, along with delicious and healthy vegetarian meals, hot water, tea-making supplies, and a relaxing atmosphere. It is among the most tranquil lodging choices in Kedarnath.

Behl Ashram
Cheap Hotel in Kedarnath

Jaipur House

One of the most well-liked hotelsnearKedarnathtemple is Jaipur House, which is surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and a calm atmosphere. The accommodations come with the bare necessities. It is a tranquil getaway. This motel has only 10 rooms, but the atmosphere will overwhelm your senses. You will have good access to hot and cold water, and the rooms have adjacent, spotless bathrooms. The rooms are roomy and may accommodate up to three beds. Its charming services will make your Kedarnath Tour comfortable and unforgettable because it is compact but tranquil.

Hotel in Kedarnath
Best Hotel in Kedarnath

Hotel Vivek

One more best inn that goes under the top 10 hotels in Kedarnath Valley is Hotel Vivek which furnishes you the top quality stay with clean rooms. You can partake in the stunning perspectives on Kedarnath valley from the inn. Hotel Vivek is a budget-friendly hotel who situated in guptkashi. The bathrooms and rooms are kept spotless and sterile. They offer you 24-hour room administration and every one of the necessities like wifi, room administration, and so on.
Best Hotel in Guptkashi


Agra Bhawan is additionally one of the top 10 hotels near Kedarnath temple,itstarted in the year 2000 and effectively gave its administration to all explorers. Agra Bhawan goes under the third situation in the main 5 Kedarnath lodgings and from here you can partake in the all-encompassing perspective on the Kedarnath valley. The lodging gives you every one of the essential conveniences like wifi, room administration, boiling water, food, and so on.
Hotel in Kedarnath

Shivpuri House

The Shivpuri House is perfect, has all of the comforts, and offers top-notch organization. As well as being close to Kedarnath Temple, it is circled by slants, forest areas, and the tremendous Himalayas. One can participate in their visit to Shivpuri house with basically no hustle which is organized on the Kedarnath road. There are different getaway destinations that are close to Shivpuri houses like Triyuginarayantemple, Sonprayag, and some more.
Luxury Hotel in Kedarnath

New Agrabhawan

The New Agrabhawan hotel is one of the best hotels among the top 10 hotels near Kedarnath temple. The New Agrabhawan is a low-cost hotel that provides guests with every amenity while yet being close to the Kedarnath temple. New Agrabhawan has apartments that may house two, three, or four pilgrims, depending on their needs. There is a bathroom in each of these rooms. The New Agrabhawan hotel offers a variety of services, including hot water, attached bathrooms, and 24-hour room service.
Hotel Near Kedarnath Temple

Punjab Sindh Awas

One of the nicest locations to stay in Kedarnath is Punjab Sindh Awas. It's easy to understand why. It provides an incredible lodging choice at the best price. Tourists are consistently drawn there by the relaxing atmosphere and amazing friendliness. Additionally, it provides visitors with the best services and conveniences. Although the rooms are straightforward, cleanliness is not sacrificed. There are two different accommodation types available: a double room and a room

with four beds.

Punjab Sindh Awas Kedarnath

Gayatri Bhawan

If you decide to stay at Gayatri Bhawan, your options for where to stay in Kedarnath will be well defined.It provides pilgrims with an affordable stay that includes all the conveniences and amenities. The rooms are roomy and nicely kept. You will also enjoy stunning views of the towering Himalayas from this serene yet lovely Ashram. You will have excellent transit options, so getting here won't be an issue. One of the top 10 hotels near Kedarnath temple is this guesthouse.

Kedarnath Temple

Bikaner House

It provides visitors with the best lodging alternatives and accommodation amenities. There is no element of discomfort in this establishment because it meets all of the essential demands of tourists, like providing clean, spacious rooms, vegetarian cuisine options, room service, hot and cold water, and power. Your stay here will be unforgettable because of the friendly service and helpful employees. In addition to its advantageous location, it offers beautiful views of Uttarakhand.

Kedarnath Hotel

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